Tips For Wearing Cloth Masks, Skincare & Aromatherapy


Wearing a cloth mask is more important than ever, but unfortunately some people are experiencing skincare challenges such as acne and irritation caused by face coverings. Here are a few tips to keep that ‘maskne’ and skin irritation under control while staying healthy and safe.


    • Keep Things Clean Always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly prior to putting on your mask, but it’s equally important to keep your cloth mask as clean as possible. We recommend having more than one mask so that you regularly have a fresh and clean mask ready to go. If you have to wear a face covering for work or for long periods of time, be sure to have more than one clean mask with you so that you can refresh your cloth mask as needed. If your mask becomes damp or soiled, it needs to be refreshed with a clean mask. After each use, wash your cloth mask with gentle bar soap or natural laundry soap. You can wash your mask by hand, (this is how we like to wash), making sure to thoroughly wet and suds-up the fabric, then rinse well. Set flat to dry, preferably in the sunshine. You can wash your mask in the washing machine if you wish, but if you choose this method, we do recommend using a lingerie washing bag so that the ties don’t get tangled.
    • Keep Your Skin Care Gentle Sometimes it’s tempting to over cleanse and scrub when you are experiencing breakouts. Don’t do this. Keep your skincare routine consistent, but there is no need to further irritate your skin by over-cleansing or over-exfoliating. We recommend regularly using a gentle facial cleanser, moisturizer and spritzing soothing cucumber rose hydrating facial mist a few times throughout the day to balance, hydrate and discourage bacteria growth. An extra gentle skin polishing facial mask like coconut cream & vanilla sugar polishing mask once or twice a week is a very good idea! If you are experiencing breakouts, use a gentle acne-fighting serum  directly on problem areas as needed.
    • Combat and Soothe Irritation Material matters. Some fabric materials like 100% cotton or cotton flannel are much softer and less irritating on your skin than rough synthetic materials or disposable fabric. Make sure that you are not experiencing an allergic reaction to the material that your mask is made from. We have extensively researched the best way to make cloth face masks with an added emphasis on skincare and have been hand-sewing them during this time of need. We are using two layers of 100% cotton with super soft cotton flannel liners that feel soothing on facial skin. They also feature filter pockets, copper nose wire to stop fogging and adjustable cord for perfect fit. We have several sizes and colors to choose from. You can order one here
    • Go Light On Makeup Makeup is one of the main causes of breakouts and skin irritation, so if you’re experiencing skin problems while wearing a mask, remember, less is more. Heavy makeup can clog pores which leads to even more breakouts. Also, old makeup can wreak havoc on your complexion. If you know your makeup is older than a year, it’s probably time to say goodbye, even if it’s your favorite and it’s not yet all used-up. Makeup brushes and applicators should be routinely cleansed as well. Since most of your face will be covered by a mask anyway, why not have a little extra fun with your eye makeup? Try a new shade of eye shadow and smile with your eyes!
    • Turn Your Mask Into a Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser  Aromatherapy uses plant-based essential oils holistically to reduce stress, induce relaxation and restore balance to the mind, body and spirit. Why not enjoy the therapeutic benefits and scent of your favorite essential oil while you wear your mask? It certainly will uplift your mood and make mask-wearing much more pleasant! Just add a few drops of your favorite oil or blend to a cotton ball or cotton facial round pad and insert it into the filter pocket of your mask. Remember that essential oils are highly concentrated and should not be applied directly to your skin or directly to your mask material. Enjoy only by the drop. We highly recommend trying any of our expertly crafted essential oil blends.  (You can read more about aromatherapy here.) 

    We hope that these tips help you keep your complexion clear and spirit glowing during this difficult time and that you stay Happy & Healthy from the Skin to Within...



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