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January 01, 2016

Plastic Lasts Forever and only a small percentage (about 10%) of it gets collected to be recycled. The 10% that is collected and recycled, is most often "down-cycled" into products such as: plastic lumber, fiber for carpeting, or other products that cannot be further recycled and will ultimately end up in a landfill at the end of their use. Unlike glass and metal, which can be recycled and reused over and over again, the recycling potential of plastic is very limited. The vast majority of all the plastic we use ends up in a landfill, or worse yet, in our Oceans . . . forever.

It's important to understand that recycling is not the best answer to our growing plastic waste crisis. The only real solution is for all of us to use less plastic in the first place! One of the worst plastic problem perpetrators is the shampoo bottle! We are working hard to replace or reduce the plastic packaging we use for our product packaging, or to create products that don't require much packaging at all . . . a fantastic example of such a product is:Emz Blendz Shampoo Moon, a concentrated solid shampoo bar shaped into a sphere that requires no plastic bottle as packaging. There is no plastic bottle to produce, package, ship, truck, use, put into the recycle bin, get collected only to eventually end up who knows where. . .Emz Blendz Shampoo Moons last up to three times as long as a regular sized bottle of shampoo, they won't weigh hair down like other solid shampoo bars, they're easy to travel with (solid shampoo barswon't be confiscated at the airport), AND they work just as well as liquid shampoo; leaving your hair feeling super clean and soft!

How to use Emz Blendz Shampoo Moons: Simply wet the Shampoo Moon and work up a bit of lather in your hands. Add the lather to your wet hair. Rub and lather in your hair as you would with a traditional liquid shampoo and then rinse. Many people say that they don’t need to use a conditioner as the Shampoo Moons contain conditioning ingredients, but if you have long hair you may want to follow with a small amount of hair conditioner.

If you like the Shampoo Moons and the idea of zero-waste packaging you will loveEmz Blendz Shaving Soap andEmz Blendz Solid Lotion Bars. Also, most of our other products are packaged in glass (too many to name here). Glass protects and preserves natural ingredients, is 100% endlessly recyclable and always a much better choice than plastic! For products that are simply not practical to package in glass, they are always packaged ineasily reusable or recyclable containers.

Here at Emz Blendz Soap Co. we are constantly thinking up new ways to provide products that we can feel very proud of and when they work great and also offer excellent solutions to environmental problems, what could be better?


Emily, President and Founder
Emz Blendz Soap Co.

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