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Natural Cypress and Lime Deodorant
You’ve been asking for it and now it’s finally here!

A formulation Emz has been perfecting for years has finally hit the shelf! Introducing Emz Blendz all-natural, safe, and super effective deodorant. That’s right, it’s actually good for you and yes, after extensive testing (even on our sometimes stinky, very active teenage boy), it really does work!

Why is using a natural deodorant so important?

We use deodorant EVERY day under our arms, close to breast tissue and where many lymph nodes are located. The products we use every day are absorbed by our bodies and although the science is not yet conclusive, there is much concern that using deodorant products that contain chemicals and aluminum (the main active ingredient in antiperspirants) may contribute to allergies, sensitivities, and even diseases.

Sweat is OK!

Inexperience, worry, and fear of sweaty, smelly armpits could make you shy away from considering using a natural deodorant, but we all sweat and it’s not a bad thing. Sweat in itself does not cause odor. Bacteria cause odor. Sweating is an important process by which the body detoxifies itself, and stopping this process by using antiperspirants that contain chemicals and aluminum compounds that plug up pores can be very unhealthy.

So don’t sweat a little sweat but you can still stay dry and smell great because Emz Blendz natural deodorant is formulated with powerful odor-fighting antibacterial essential oils and moisture-absorbing ingredients!

You may need to detox your pits!

If you’ve been using conventional not-so-natural antiperspirants or deodorants, your body may need to go through a short adjustment period to detox. Traditional deodorants are loaded with petroleum-based waxes, chemicals, and aluminum compounds that congest and clog your skin. For a few weeks while adjusting to your new natural deodorant, you may need to exfoliate your underarms daily with a sugar scrub, a washcloth, or a loofah sponge. Also, keep in mind that your sweat glands and pores in your pits have been blocked for quite a while. As soon as you stop using your regular antiperspirant, you may notice that your body will go through a toxin-elimination period. During this time, you may notice a bit more odor and need to wash more regularly and re-apply your natural deodorant until your body adjusts. Don’t give up. Trust me, you will get through it.

Clothes matter!

If you wear polyester, you will stink more. Wear 100% cotton clothes that breathe! It will make a huge difference.

Give healthy, natural deodorant a chance!

If you’ve tried other natural deodorants with little success, give Emz Blendz natural deodorant a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well it works and you won’t ever have to worry about the dangers associated with the daily use of commonly used drug-store deodorant brands. You may actually notice, like we have, that after just a little while, all underarm odor disappears, and you may even experience feeling naturally fresh even without any deodorant at all!



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