100% Pure Organic Beeswax Candles

This week I've been having so much fun making the best Beeswax Candles EVER! I recently found a local beekeeper who has been harvesting honey and honeycomb, from his family of bees,for decades. He is able to supply me with the most beautifulraw,organic,100% pure beeswax.

When I say 100% pure beeswax; I mean, right from the hive, PURE. Our new Beekeeper or Apiarist (fancier name for beekeeper - apis is Latin for bee), delivered it a few days ago and I have been melting, filtering, and pouring this brilliantly beautiful beeswaxeversince. These new candles have a wonderful, strong bouquet of natural beeswax fragrance andaroma. I must admit,Beeswax Candles are my absolute favorite type of candle, not only for their amazing scent, but when they are burned,Pure Beeswax Candles glow with a brilliant and radiant golden halo.

Bee Fact: Did you know that honeybees have to collect nectar from about two million flowers to make one pound of honey and then they consume over eight pounds of honey to produce one pound of beeswax? The beeswax is secreted from glands on the honeybee's abdomen which is used to produce and store honey in perfectly engineered hexagon shapes that fit cleverly and ingeniously together, in such a way, as to hold the most honey, while using the least amount of wax.

100% Pure Beeswax Candlesburn brighter than any other wax, and when burned, emit the same light spectrum as the sun. Beeswax candles burn cleaner and longer than any other candle, and actually clean the air by releasing negative ions that revitalize the mind and body.Beeswax Candles are naturally scented from honey and flower nectar.They truly are the Bee's Knees!

Paraffin Candle Fact: In contrast toEmz Blendz Natural Bees Wax Candles, most candles on the market are made with paraffin wax which is a toxic byproduct of the oil industry, which when burned give off toxic fumes similar to auto exhaust. They drip excessively, burn down quickly, are synthetically scented and give off a dim disorganized light spectrum.

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