Honey Citrus Body Scrub

Get ready for SUMMERTIME with this super moisturizing and polishing Organic Honey Citrus body scrub!

Huge 20 oz tub!

  • Improves tone and texture.
  • Natural sugar granules gently slough away dead skin cells.
  • Prepares skin for tanning lotion/spray and closer-than-ever shave.
  • Organic Honey and Extra Virgin Olive oil provide super nourishment and moisture.
  • Fights cellulite with Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil.
  • Leaves skin velvety soft and smooth!

organic white and brown sugar, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic honey, decyl glucoside (gentle, non-irritating cleanser), cetearyl alcohol (vegetable sourced emollient), pink grapefruit essential oil.

Organic Honey - naturally antibacterial, packed with antioxidants, nourishing and moisturizing.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - deeply nourishing; locks in moisture.

Natural Brown Sugar crystals polish and buff for super smooth skin.

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil - naturally anti-inflammatory; helps breakdown fat and cellulite. Brightens, tones and invigorates your skin. 

Apply to damp skin and massage over arms, legs and all over body to smooth, moisturize and exfoliate. Rinse. Use daily.