Mt. Ashland Soap Bar - Emz Blendz
Mt. Ashland Soap Bar - Emz Blendz
Mt. Ashland Soap Bar - Emz Blendz
Mt. Ashland Soap Bar - Emz Blendz
Mt. Ashland Soap Bar - Emz Blendz

Mt. Ashland Soap Bar | Refreshing Forest Aroma

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Mt. Ashland Soap Bar | Refreshing Forest Aroma (Approx. 5 oz Bar)

Experience the Essence of Siskiyou's Tallest Mountain

Immerse yourself in the crisp, woodland scent of our Mt. Ashland Soap Bar, expertly handcrafted to bring the fresh aroma of the outdoors into your daily routine. This beloved soap combines natural essential oils of spruce, pine, and fir trees with a hint of sage, creating a signature fragrance that captures the heart of the Siskiyou wilderness. A favorite among both men and women, especially during the holiday season, its invigorating scent is sure to delight all year round.

Product Highlights:

  • Signature Fragrance Blend: Crafted with our best-selling blend of spruce, pine, and fir essential oils, accented with a touch of sage for a truly unique and refreshing aroma.
  • Moisturizing and Creamy Lather: Made with organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter for a gentle, creamy lather that leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  • Eco-Conscious and Sustainable: Formulated using only sustainably sourced palm oil and other natural ingredients, ensuring environmental responsibility and skin-friendly benefits.


  • Invigorating Forest Scent: The robust, earthy fragrance provides a refreshing sensory experience that reminds you of a forest walk.
  • Soothing and Nourishing: Ideal for all skin types, this soap calms the skin with its natural essential oils while moisturizing deeply with rich butters and oils.
  • Unisex Appeal: Loved by both men and women for its universal, appealing scent that is especially popular during the festive season.


  • Saponified Organic Oils: Olive, coconut, and sustainably sourced palm.
  • Natural Butters: Organic shea butter enriches the lather with its moisturizing properties.
  • Essential Oils and Botanicals: A blend of spruce, pine, fir, and sage essential oils combined with natural mineral colors.


Lather up the Mt. Ashland Soap Bar in your hands or on a washcloth and gently cleanse your face and body. Suitable for everyday use, this soap bar provides a luxurious, moisturizing wash that leaves your skin refreshed and subtly fragranced.

Step into the serene world of Mt. Ashland with every shower and let our soap transform your cleansing routine into an uplifting forest escape.

Saponified organic oils of olive, coconut, palm (sustainably sourced), organic shea butter, essential oils and fragrance, sage, natural mineral color.

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