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Fresh Facial Mask | Coconut & Vanilla Bean

Keep your complexion healthy, balanced and clear. The best facial masks are made fresh. Emz powder-form masks are made with all-natural clays and organic ingredients and are packaged for you in the purest form with zero harsh preservatives for a truly 100% natural, deeply cleansing and clarifying facial treatment.

Clay masks are deeply cleansing, detoxifying and gently exfoliating. Tones and effectively reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.

For all skin types. Kaolin clay and organic coconut milk make this a very gentle mask.

Makes approx. 15 treatments
1.5 oz. container

Cosmetic Kaolin Clay, Organic Coconut Milk, Vanilla Beans, Jojoba Oil, Vanilla Absolute

Add one to two teaspoons mask powder to a bit of water to create a paste. (Optional: for a personalized facial experience, try adding your favorite liquid like cream, yogurt, fruit pulp, herbal tea...)

Apply mask to face and leave on for about fifteen minutes. Rinse and cleanse face to remove all residue.

For dry or sensitive skin types, try adding a few drops of Emz Blendz Age-Well Serum or Face Food to your mask. Remove after three to five minutes.


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