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Candle Burning Tips

Why buy handmade natural soap?

What's so great about your soap?

What is soap?

How does soap work?

How do you make soap?

Do you make all of your products from scratch?

What is the difference between natural soap and machine made soap (example Ivory, Zest, Dove, Oil of Olay, etc.)?

What are your soap ingredients?

Are your soaps moisturizing?

What are essential oils?

Do you use synthetic fragrances in your soap?

How long will my soap last?

Is this Glycerin soap, how is it different from glycerin soap?

What is Glycerin?

I have very sensitive skin, what should I use?

I have acne or problem skin, what should I use?

Do you use preservatives in your products?

What is Shea Butter?

What's different and better about your candles?

Do you wholesale or create custom formulations?

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