Natural Herbal Dog Shampoo Bar

Emz Blendz All Natural Dog Shampoo Bar with Wrist Loop Includes a "handy" rope/string that you can put around your wrist. The wrist loop is especially helpful if your doggie friend doesn't like to cooperate during bath time and is even more beneficial if you have a large doggy and bathe him or her outside. No more dropping your Doggie Shampoo / Soap onto the dirty ground. Doggy shampoo in a bar form really works much more effectively than a liquid dog shampoo. When you wash/bathe your pup using a liquid shampoo or soap you end up wasting a lot more of the shampoo trying to reach every nook and cranny of your pooch.

Emz Blendz' Doggy Shampoo Bars really do make for, not only, a simpler, faster and more effective cleaning/bath time for your precious pup, but our all natural organic Doggy Shampoo will leave your doggie with a beautiful shiny coat and smelling wonderful too.

Since we use only the very finest natural ingredients. if your pup has sensitive skin, THIS IS THE DOGGY SHAMPOO FOR YOU! Handcrafted with organic oils of olive, coconut and avocado and pure essential oils known to be powerfully bug repellent.

Long lasting, generously hand-cut LARGE bars!

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