Five Tips For Longer Soap Life

Natural Handmade SoapEmz Blendz Soaps are made from scratch and are cured for up to four weeks before they hit the shelves, which makes for a very pure, long lasting bar. However, if you use natural soap daily in the shower, you know how essential it is to have your skin-loving sudsy goodness last as long as possible. Here are some tips to get the longest life out of your soap bars.
1.  Always keep your soap in a well drained soap dish. A wooden slatted soap dish works very well. Keeping your soap dry in-between uses is key. When your soap is allowed to dry completely after each use rather than sit in a puddle, it will last so much longer!

2. In the shower, keep your soap dry and out of the shower stream when you are not using it. If your soap sits in a place where water is constantly showering on it, it will become soft and will dissolve faster.

3. When your soap is almost used up and there is only a small piece of it left, don’t throw it out! Take a new bar of soap, wet both pieces and press them together. They will meld together and not a bit of soap will be wasted.

4. If you’re feeling crafty and you have several pieces of small soap scraps and leftovers, you can grate them with a cheese grater, add a bit of warm water and then reform the small soap shreds with your hands into soap balls. Let them dry for a day and you will have nifty new soap spheres!

5. To use up every last bit of your soap, you can add your small pieces to a soap bag or soap net. Soap bags make wonderful foaming scrubbers and are perfect for saving all those little soap scraps.

Remember, Emz Blendz Soaps are made to be used! They smell wonderful and are beautiful enough to put on display, but they are made with food-grade ingredients and are not meant to last for years and years. So get the most out of them, but use them up! Take care of your body from the skinside to the inside!

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  • Maggie


    I have been buying your soaps for many years, and absolutely love them. I do have one question for you. What is the shelf life of your soaps. I have a tendency to buy quite a few when you have a discount code available.



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