Live Life Cleaner by Commuting Greener

Did you know that driving a car emits about a pound of carbon dioxide every single mile and that the average passenger vehicle will emit as much as five tons of co2 every year!? It can really be overwhelming to think about but there’s a super fun and healthy way to counteract some of that pollution by riding your bike!

In many countries around the world, bikes are everywhere and commuting by bike is a way of life unlike anywhere in the United States. However, this is changing! The number of bike commuters is on the rise, especially in bike friendly communities. We absolutely love that the State of Oregon is ranked as the 2nd most bike friendly state in America by the League of American Bicyclists and with safe bike lanes, paths, parking, bike rentals and many bike shops, our hometown of Ashland, Oregon has received gold status as a bike friendly community!

Here at Em’z Blendz Soap Company, we ride our bikes to work whenever possible. Bike commuting has brought so much joy into our lives! It’s not only healthy for you, but it’s also eco-conscious, smart and FUN! We want to encourage more people to Ride on the CLEAN Side, so, from now on, if you show us your helmet at Em’z Blendz Soap Shop, we’ll give you 10% off! You’ll save on gas AND on soap! We are located at 93 Oak Street, Downtown Ashland, Oregon, and we even have a large bike rack available for you to lock up your bike right out front! 

Ashland Oregon is a major destination for bike enthusiasts and has many bike paths, activities and resources for cyclists. For more information on cycling in Ashland Oregon visit Travel Ashland.


May you all Live Healthy and Happy from the Skin to Within... 


Em'z Blendz Soap Co.

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