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Em'z Original Mandala Paintings & Art Prints

Emily Whitlock, founder of Em'z Blendz Soap Co., paints original art as a form of mindful meditation. Art has the power to distance us from the chaosย of modern life and helps us to tune inward, back to our center. Mandala means center, circumference or "magic circle". Ancient and sacred symbols representing wholeness and the universe, mandalas bring into focus that all things are intrinsically connected. The meaning of each mandala painting is interpreted within the individual viewer and can aid in self growth, healing and personal transformation. Each painting is created intuitively.

If you have admired one of Emily's original mandala paintings displayed on the walls of Em'z Blendz Soap Shop,ย Downtown Ashland, Oregon,ย you can now buy a select number of canvas prints in-store and/or order high-quality prints, canvases, acrylic prints, framed prints and more From our website. (coming soon)

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If you are interested in commissioning or purchasing an original oil on canvas painting, you can contact Emily for a quote.ย 

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