Monoi Cleansing Oil | Nourishing Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Monoi Cleansing Oil | Nourishing Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover

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Introducing our super soothing Organic Cleansing Facial Oil, a luxurious blend crafted with care to provide your skin with the gentle cleansing it deserves. Infused with the richness of Tahitian Gardenia Monoi Oil, this facial oil is meticulously formulated to dissolve dirt, oil and makeup, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, soft and rejuvenated.

It has a delightful subtle all-natural scent from the natural oils but is 100% free from synthetic fragrance, preservatives or chemicals of any kind.


1. Gentle Cleansing: Our facial oil delicately cleanses your skin, effectively removing impurities without stripping away its natural moisture.
2. Makeup Dissolver: Designed to effortlessly dissolve and remove makeup, leaving your skin clean and makeup-free.
3. Nourishing Monoi Oil: Enriched with Tahitian Monoi oil, known for its hydrating properties, this facial oil not only cleanses but also nourishes your skin, leaving it soft and supple.
4. Organic and All-Natural: Formulated with organic ingredients, our cleansing facial oil is free from harsh chemicals, ensuring a natural and gentle cleansing experience.
5. Sensitive Skin Friendly: Perfect for sensitive skin types, this facial oil can be used as a standalone cleansing solution, providing a soothing and calming effect without irritation.
6. First Step in Two-Step Cleansing Routine: Ideal as the first step in a two-step cleansing routine, it prepares your skin for subsequent skincare products, allowing them to be more effective.

Indulge your skin in the goodness of nature with our Organic All-Natural Cleansing Facial Oil. Experience the transformative power of Tahitian Monoi oil as it gently cleanses, nourishes, and pampers your skin, leaving it radiant and refreshed. Embrace a skincare ritual that is as pure and natural as your beauty.


Apply a few pups of cleansing oil on dry or damp skin to dissolve dirt, makeup and daily pollutants. Rinse and follow with a foaming cleanser for an extra deep clean or for extra dry skin, follow with a moisturizer or facial serum.
Use AM & PM


Tahitian Monoi Oil is a tropical elixir that captures the essence of the pristine islands of Tahiti. Derived from soaking Tiare flowers, also known as Tahitian Gardenias, in pure, virgin coconut oil, this exquisite oil is renowned for its luxurious properties and delightful fragrance.

Exotic Origins: Sourced from the heart of Tahiti, Monoi oil is steeped in the rich Polynesian tradition of natural beauty rituals. The Tiare flowers, native to these islands, are carefully handpicked and combined with coconut oil, creating a harmonious blend that embodies the spirit of the tropics.

Nourishing Elixir: Monoi oil is revered for its deep moisturizing and conditioning properties. Packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it nourishes the skin and hair, leaving them soft, supple, and radiant. Its lightweight texture allows for quick absorption, providing instant hydration without a greasy residue.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, castor oil, grapeseed oil, organic camellia oil, glyceryl stearate, emulsifying wax, ethylhexyl palmitate, isopropyl myristate, sea buthorn oil, organic apricot oil, organic rosehip oil, rosemary extract, monoi oil.

30 ml

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