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Skin Food (Chamomile Calendula)

100% Natural formula that protects and provides supreme moisture while allowing skin to breathe for fast healing. Smooth consistency makes application comfortable.

This is a very popular healing super-salve. Emz Blendz Skin Food is a concentrated, very soothing herbal balm that helps heal chapped, cracked, extra dry or damaged skin. It's great for working hands, feet, PREVENTING STRETCH MARKS, minor cuts, scrapes, burns, wind and sun burns, eczema, sensitive skin, inflammation or healing new tattoos.

Skin Food is very therapeutic and packed with vitamin-rich organic vegetable oils and butters. It is infused with medicinal plant based essential oils that are naturally antibacterial and work to prevent infection and heal tissue.

A wonderful ointment to have around all year long but especially helpful during the winter months to protect and help keep chapped skin and winter dryness away.

Packaged in glass.

FREE FROM synthetic dyes, fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, parabens, fillers, binders and petroleum.

Pure essential oils of:

  • Chamomile - calming and powerfully anti-inflammatory
  • Calendula - best known for its ability to soothe irritated skin and heal wounds

A nutrient rich base including organic oils and butters:

  •  Organic Unrefined Shea Butter
  •  Organic Mango Butter
  •  Organic Cocoa Butter
  •  Organic Aloe Vera Butter
  •  Organic Jojoba Oil
  •  Organic Avocado Oil
  •  Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  •  Vitamin E

This is a very rich cream that can be used anywhere your skin needs some extra nourishment.

Great for working hands, feet, minor cuts, scrapes, burns, wind and sun burns, eczema, sensitive skin, inflammation or healing new tattoos.

For best results, use after the shower, hot tub or bath. A little bit will go a long way.

  • "Skin Food is VERY effective at preventing stretch-marks. My twin sister has severe stretch-marks from her pregnancies, so when I got pregnant, I used Skin Food (Sandalwood Citrus) religiously and it worked! I don’t have a SINGLE stretch-mark and my first baby was 9 ½ pounds!"
  • "Skin Food healed my daughter’s eczema around her ankles when nothing else worked. I couldn’t believe it. It works even better than prescription creams!"
  • "This cream has been a Godsend! Having suffered 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree fire burns on my hand, arm, & breast 2 1/2 years ago, Emz Skin Food (Original) has been essential to my recovery, and has in fact, not only contributed significantly to my healing, but has improved the appearance of my scars, and diminished the degree of sensitivity and pain by about 98%. It seems to offer it a protective "seal", which holds moisture in; (something that damaged skin cannot do itself, as scar tissue does not produce sweat glands). The Skin Food is the only cream I've found that does NOT contain alcohol (which my burn doctors told me can damage new skin cells), and that also contains all natural ingredients (something that's very important to me, since I'm opposed to "manmade chemical concoctions" that contain preservatives and cancer-causing chemicals). The essential oils, I've learned, are naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. (This is crucial to protecting the body from infection from such damage as a fire burn, since the skin is the only protective barrier the body has from exterior sources). I've also learned that Essential oils can also stimulate the body's own natural defense system, and Lavender in particular, is known for its exceptional ability to help heal burns. (Could this product be any more perfectly suited for me?!) "Prior to discovering the cream, I was using silicon burn patches by themselves, which get very expensive ($20 worth to cover the affected areas which lasted 2 weeks @ twice a month). When I first started using the cream, I used it in conjunction with the patches (between patch changes), and discovered that I was able to go a whole day with only 1 nightly application feeling relatively comfortable and protected. I also noticed, as did my Mother, a marked difference in the appearance* and rate of healing with the first few days of use, which blew me away after 2 years of seeing relatively little or slow improvement. *(The swelling and puffiness decreased, and my skin tone was more "normal" and less reddened).
  • "I received a 2 oz. Jar as a gift from my friend in December of 2004, and it lasted me over 3 months, so a little bit really DOES go a long way, and entirely worth the investment thereafter! I'm committed to using this cream for the rest of my life, and intend to share it with the nurses and doctors at the hospital where I was treated so they may pass it along to new patients. I just with I could have discovered it much sooner since it would have saved me a lot of grief, pain and discomfort, healed me and protected me from work environment hazards (forklift exhaust fumes) in the early stages of my healing process. I highly recommend it to anyone with burns! Many thanks to Emily for creating it, and my friend Nikki for sending it as a gift!"
  • "I love all the products I have bought through you but I have to send you a special thank you for your Skin Food.I have used it on my growing belly while pregnant and it stops any itching while also smelling AMAZING and calming. A lot of lotions for pregnancy on the market are not very pleasant to smell so I really appreciate how appetizing Skin Food is to use and has all the right oils to keep me from getting stretch marks!! Thanks so much!!!"

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    First time user

    I used this on a couple bruises I got and it works great

    Neva C.
    United States

    Great overall experience! I had never heard of EMZ blends before my outing at the local Goodwill. I found my first jar of EMZ blendz at the Goodwill for $1.19 brand new! Never used! Who would give away such a prize? I found a treasure! I love this stuff! Great for dry skin, great for my locs, And smells wonderful. So glad I discovered EMZ blends!